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Build Your Business, Enjoy Freedom.

Why Should You Join?

Have you been looking for a way to make more money online?

Would love to learn how to get started, how to find customers and how to make that business thrive online? Then you will learn plenty of practical ways to make your dreams a reality.

What You Can Expect


Practical material to guide you through various strategies in a simple way that maks it easy to implements. Topics range from sales, marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing etc.

Templates and Worksheets

Get some fill-in-the-blank worksheets that make it easier to implement some of the strategies. These will also make it easier for you you to visualize what you are learning.

Quizzes and Certificates.

Have you understood tha mterial? Test your knowledge and see the results and some recommended actions. Some of the courses will also come with a certificate of completion.

Why I Started This Membership.

When I quit my job to start a business, I had so many questions. What buisness should I start? How do I find customers? How can I make it grow...then I found myself facing many setbacks and for each, I wondered why I was struggling while others seemed to be doing well. Over the years, I have gathered knowledge and experience to help others avoid some of the mistakes I made and provide shortcuts to some of the things that took me too long to learn.

I love the freedom that entreprenuerhsip brings but I understand that without the right knowledge and guidance, entreprenuership can be so stressful that ou fail to enjoy the freedom that mad go after it in the first place.

My dream is to help you build your dream business to enjoy financial freedom, work freedoma dn bascially have a blast with you life and business.

This is my aim. Always.

Cheers to your success and I will see you inside the membership.

Susan Mwenda-Mulongoti.



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What Do You Need to Learn

Go through the list below and click on what applies to you.


Starting a Business

Click here is you are at a stage where you are still looking for ways to get started with your business. Get the 411 and some recommended resources you can start with.

Making Money Online

Choose this option if you are looking for specific ways to make money online.

Sales and Marketing

Talk about who you are and what your brand is all about. You can use this text to share details about a product or announcements that you'd like your customers to see.

Digital Entreprenuership


Are you trying to make money from your knowledge, passion or experience? Click here for resources specific to this field.

Social Media Marketing

Master social media marketing. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already have a some experience, click here to enahnce those skills and make the most of social media marketing for you business.

Digital Marketing

Want to Market beyond digital marketing? You need to lean social media marketing. Whether you are getting the skills for your clients or for your own business, click here for all those goodies.

Make it happen

Personal Development

"To grow an organization, you must first grow the leader." In order for you small business to grow, you as the business owner must invest in your personal growth. The business can only grow as far as you are willing to grow as a person. Click here for personal development strategies.

Selling Skills

Selling is one of the most important skills you can have. In fact, for business owners, its an absolute must-have skill. Without sales, there is no busines. Learn how to use your natural strengths to develop you selling skills.

SME Growth Strategies

Discover what goes into growing your business. From building system to hiring to delgation and much more. How to build a team to help you grow, how to sell your vision to them and what else you need to consider.