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Oh the beauty of business.


Feelings of price.


Or not.

The stress of business.




I have been through it all. It’s a rollercoaster.

One that I love.

“Hi Susan,
I have this amount of money, what business do you think I should start?”

‘Hi Susan,
I don’t have capital to start, what can I do?’


These are among some of the questions I receive regularly and will be addressing here. Here is the list of topics you can expect to go through.

Lesson 1: What Is The Best Business I Can Start?

Lesson 2: Trying to Make More Money?

Lesson 3: Money is Made Through Marketing

Lesson 4: Passion and Business

Lesson 5: Where Does Money Come From?

Lesson 6: Passion. Value. Commercial

Lesson 7: I Don’t Have Capital

Lesson 8: Rethinking Capital.

Lesson 9: Should You Start With A Loan?

Lesson 10: 80% of Success is Psychology

















InI didn’t always love it though. From a stable job to quitting, to business struggle to smooth sailing.

That’s what I will be sharing. And most importantly, how I got there, what tools, tricks and information got me through.

Thank you so much for signing up.

Here are some of the tips I will be sharing with you:

Discovering your passion and turning it into business

Information to increase sales in your business

Being happier and more fulfilled in life. What is life without happiness right?

I also show you offers and sales on products that help with business.


Tomorrow, I am going to tell you about the moment I started wondering if I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

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  1. 2nd email : was quitting my job to start business a mistake?

I was on a bus. The longest bus trip I had ever taken.

I looked at my watch. It was 18hrs. But I had nothing to read or watch and it was getting too dark to enjoy the scenery through the window so I decided to sleep.

When I woke up, I was sure it was probably midnight. I looked at my watch. It was 20:48hrs. How could that be? I thought I had been sleeping for a really long time.

Anyway so I stayed awake for another hour or two then slept again…this kept happening. Needless to say it was the longest and worst trip of my life.

How did I get here? I am an Electrical Engineer by profession. I had a relatively good job in the mines. I had quit my job to start business and I was given some money.

I used it to start my business but things were not really working out. Sales were low and my expenses were high. My store was not properly stocked so I travelled to South Africa by bus due to dwindling resources I couldn’t go by air.

Was it a mistake to quit my job. My boss had said I could go back anytime I wanted. Maybe it was time to take him up on those words..

I was getting stressed, disappointed and frustrated with business.

Today I am not stressed and I am not struggling with finances. Tomorrow I will tell you how I moved from there to now.

  1. 3rd email. : From to moment of truth and desperation

Even if I took that gruelling bus trip in an effort to save my business. I did make a little progress such that next time I travelled, I went by air.

However, debt was mounting on me and I was severely behind in my bills. I was 4 months behind with store rentals. I was only making enough money to cover salaries and a little more stock. I tried to partner with other people but it wasn’t working.

Tony Robins said we need either desperation or inspiration for us to make major changes in life.

I reached desperation and I had to make the painful decision to close that business.

So I closed.

I was heartbroken.

I had no idea closing a business felt that way.

But why wouldn’t it right? When we start business we pour our hearts into it.

Its not just about the money although the financial loss brings its own sting but it’s the time, energy and soul we put into it that hurts.

So my business was closed. What was I going to do next?

  1. 4th email

I entered a period of what I can call severe multi tasking and attempt at multiple streams of income. I tried network marketing. For some reasons including logists and lack of passion for it, I didn’t go very far with it.

I continued to sell from home because I stil had some stock at home.

I tried am ezine and I even made some money from adverts but the moment I tried a printed version, I plunged myself into financial trouble. I had severely under estimated the amount lof headach the print copy magazine distribution logistics would bring. That was one of the hardest and most expensive bsuiesnss lesson that I had leanred,






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