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7 Obstacles to Growing Your Small Business

Growing your small business can be both exciting and challenging. Sometimes really hard. In this articles, I am highlighting the key challenges of growing a small business.These include lack of systems, lack of a team, lack of solid marketing strategy, lack of external support.For each obstacle, I discuss a few strategies you can apply. Let […]


  Someone sent me this question: I want to get a loan and partner with a chef to open a restaurant. I will provide the money. How do we divide the shares? My answer: This is an excellent question and I would like to commend you right away for thinking through this question beforehand. Sometimes, […]

10 Lies Keeping You from Writing Your First Book

  This is not about writing your book. It’s about setting and achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. Whenever we want to start something new, we give ourselves reasons to procrastinate. It might be writing your book or it might be something else. In this article, I am using writing of a book […]

7 Things Mandela Taught Me About Leadership

I never met him in person, nor did I need to, you don’t need to be personally in touch with someone to learn from them. So here goes: Humility and courage is the stuff of great leadership Although often considered a weakness, humility is what makes great leaders able to influence people’s hearts rather than […]

12 Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie: The Intern

When I was young I used to watch lots and lots of TV. In the last couple of years, I have drastically reduced on that. I have replaced that with reading and writing. I rarely watch movies, I just watch the first 5minutes of a movie to decide if it’s worth my time. This one […]

6 disadvantages of being a degree holder when starting a business

Most successful business people do not have or did not have degrees when starting out. Why? In this blog I outline some factors that I believe can limit a degree holders’ early business success. From my own experience and observation: Its harder to save Saving is an extremely important success practice. If you are coming […]

The Strategy of Preeminence – How to Always Have Customers

Why do people buy from you? Why did the company employ you? Because they have a problem. This is the case. ALWAYS. Whether you own a business or not, you have customers. Your boss is your customer, you are selling your services to them and they pay you monthly. I am currently reading a book […]