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Your Success Will Disrupt Some of Your Relationships

  Even as I talk about new business ideas Even as I talk about small business growth strategy Or sales and marketing strategy and how to get more sales There are people here, both men and women ,who are afraid of pursuing that growth Not because of fear of failure, but fear of success. Trust […]

Can a Marriage Survive a Woman’s Success?

(Post originally done on my Facebook page) Isabel Do Santos of Angola. Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria. What do these two people have in common? Five things: 1. Female 2. African 3. Married 4 .Mothers 5. Super-rich (By that I mean they are billionaires in U.S dollar terms.) Folorunsho is currently worth 1.6 billion USD. In […]

Lessons from a Great Businessperson

  What do you do when you are in the presence of a great person? You take out your note book because everything he’s about to say or do is worth gold…lol…ok that’s an exaggeration. I visited one of my clients in Lusaka yesterday and had a chance to meet the boss’s boss’s boss. Founder […]

6 disadvantages of being a degree holder when starting a business

Most successful business people do not have or did not have degrees when starting out. Why? In this blog I outline some factors that I believe can limit a degree holders’ early business success. From my own experience and observation: Its harder to save Saving is an extremely important success practice. If you are coming […]

3 Ways To Become Fearless

  Fear is the number one obstacle to achieving dreams. Three ways to overcome: 1. Do bravery training Train yourself to be brave. Start with small things. Every day, do something, even if it’s something small that scares you. Examples:-ask for payment of your goods or services from someone you feel uncomfortable to ask-ask someone, […]

5 Things To Do When You Are In Debt (Drowning)

A couple of years ago, I borrowed a few millions. That was before rebasing. Going by my earning power then, it was a small amount I knew I would repay with no problems. Then things changed and I simply couldn’t honor my debt. I am done paying now but suffice to say I have paid […]