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10 Lies Keeping You from Writing Your First Book

  This is not about writing your book. It’s about setting and achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself. Whenever we want to start something new, we give ourselves reasons to procrastinate. It might be writing your book or it might be something else. In this article, I am using writing of a book […]

Can a Marriage Survive a Woman’s Success?

(Post originally done on my Facebook page) Isabel Do Santos of Angola. Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria. What do these two people have in common? Five things: 1. Female 2. African 3. Married 4 .Mothers 5. Super-rich (By that I mean they are billionaires in U.S dollar terms.) Folorunsho is currently worth 1.6 billion USD. In […]


Jack Canfield, author of the Success Principles says asking is the number one most neglected success secret. This morning Facebook reminded me that exactly 3 years ago, I wrote my first newspaper article. Funny story. People used to ask me how I got that column. The answer is simple, I just walked into the editor’s […]

Writing 4 Books in One Year -My Secrets to Getting Things Done Amidst Distractions and Cute Babies

​I hope you have some cool goals to achieve this year.“The key to success is massive determined ACTION” – Tony Robins.Tony is one of the best performance coaches in the world. (See? I told you I only share information from the best in the world)Anyway, with so many things on the to-do and so many […]

Business Not Going Well? 7 Questions to Turn It Around

I love business. Some might say a bit too much.The thrill of seeing a happy clientGetting paid to do what you loveThe freedom to work at your pace, wherever and whenever you likeYou can wake up any day and just decide, ‘today am taking the day off’. No need to speak to some human resource […]