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The Sales and Marketing ROBOTS have arrived. Are you excited or concerned?

In the Zambian Marketer magazine issue # 30 on page 9, Mr. Dennis Ndhlovu wrote an article titled: Digital age a boost and not a threat to the marketing profession. He went on to reference a question which he said was long overdue: does the digital age reduce the importance of the traditional marketer?(question paraphrased) […]

Your Success Will Disrupt Some of Your Relationships

  Even as I talk about new business ideas Even as I talk about small business growth strategy Or sales and marketing strategy and how to get more sales There are people here, both men and women ,who are afraid of pursuing that growth Not because of fear of failure, but fear of success. Trust […]

What Is Your Website Doing For Your Business?

Sometimes as business owners we rush into building a website without understanding its function and what other options are available for us to accomplish what we want.. That was one of my earliest business mistakes. A website is tool to help you build your brand and business using the internet by demonstrating who you are […]


  Someone sent me this question: I want to get a loan and partner with a chef to open a restaurant. I will provide the money. How do we divide the shares? My answer: This is an excellent question and I would like to commend you right away for thinking through this question beforehand. Sometimes, […]