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10 Highlights from Our Small Business Seminar

On 1st December 2017, I had a 1-day small business seminar titled: Manage and Grow Your Small Business. I was the main speaker and my guest speaker was Mr. Alfonso Chama, director at Legacy Brothers. I discussed marketing and organizational strategy and he discussed investor readiness. Here, I am sharing 10 event highlights. Aim Higher […]

4 Reasons You Could Be Struggling With Sales in Your Small Business

Is it possible to struggle with selling even when you know exactly how it should be done? What can you do about it? Without exception, selling is one of the most important activities you need to carry out in your small business. Some people find it easier than others because they have the strategies. However, […]

7 Obstacles to Growing Your Small Business

Growing your small business can be both exciting and challenging. Sometimes really hard. In this articles, I am highlighting the key challenges of growing a small business.These include lack of systems, lack of a team, lack of solid marketing strategy, lack of external support.For each obstacle, I discuss a few strategies you can apply. Let […]

QnA: When Your Spouse or Family Don’t Support Your Business Dreams

black couple facing opposite drections

What do you do when your spouse or family don’t support your business dreams? A young lady at the university was telling me that her family doesn’t support her business ambitions. They feel she should just concentrate on her studies and she asked what I think. The conversation took me back to the days when […]