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QnA: When Your Spouse or Family Don’t Support Your Business Dreams

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What do you do when your spouse or family don’t support your business dreams? A young lady at the university was telling me that her family doesn’t support her business ambitions. They feel she should just concentrate on her studies and she asked what I think. The conversation took me back to the days when […]

Q&A: I didn’t win the business funding competition, now what?

I shared this question earlier for others to comment but I promised my own detailed response. The question was: “What I actually wanted to do is agricultural related, I have the zeal,quite some knowledge and passionate about it, but the thing is my hope was for some competition I entered in,which so happens that I […]


  Someone sent me this question: I want to get a loan and partner with a chef to open a restaurant. I will provide the money. How do we divide the shares? My answer: This is an excellent question and I would like to commend you right away for thinking through this question beforehand. Sometimes, […]