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Writing 4 Books in One Year -My Secrets to Getting Things Done Amidst Distractions and Cute Babies

​I hope you have some cool goals to achieve this year.“The key to success is massive determined ACTION” – Tony Robins.Tony is one of the best performance coaches in the world. (See? I told you I only share information from the best in the world)Anyway, with so many things on the to-do and so many […]

Business Not Going Well? 7 Questions to Turn It Around

I love business. Some might say a bit too much.The thrill of seeing a happy clientGetting paid to do what you loveThe freedom to work at your pace, wherever and whenever you likeYou can wake up any day and just decide, ‘today am taking the day off’. No need to speak to some human resource […]

How to Increase Sales in Your Small Business – 7 Lessons

You know the scenario, you have a great product or service; you just know that if people could try it, they would love it.​Problem is, very few are trying it. You have advertised but people just call to find out about price and they end there. A few people do buy but they don’t come […]

Business lessons from Battle of the year movie

As a rule, I don’t watch mindless T.V. anymore with the exception of cartoons which I regularly watch with my kids. So anyway, I find myself doing a ridiculous number of re-runs of this movie. Am sort of hooked. In case you haven’t watched it, it’s about a businessman named Dante who built his business […]

That awkward moment when nobody likes or comments on your business post

You have decided to embrace online marketing. Maybe it’s blogging you want to try or some social media marketing. You sit down and come up with some great ideas, prepare the content with lots of attention and care. You are sure the audience will love the material. You confidently post your material. This will definitely […]

Dear Women, We have a Come a Long Way and Don’t You Forget it

  I love being a 21st century woman. Ah..the possibilities. Or not. I am sad about Hillary Clinton’s election loss because for me and many people championing the empowerment of women, we saw the U.S presidency as the ultimate glass ceiling for a woman to shutter. It’s not shuttered. Yet. But don’t you forget. Not […]

Are you using Whatsapp and Facebook groups to advertise? Remember these 3 etiquette practices

Whatsapp and Facebook groups are great for small business marketing. I love how technology makes it possible to advertise on a small budget, almost free sometimes. So I highly encourage it. However, to avoid annoying people with unwelcome or pushy advertising messages, please remember these digital marketing best practices. Get permission A close friend or […]

Lessons from a Great Businessperson

  What do you do when you are in the presence of a great person? You take out your note book because everything he’s about to say or do is worth gold…lol…ok that’s an exaggeration. I visited one of my clients in Lusaka yesterday and had a chance to meet the boss’s boss’s boss. Founder […]