10 Highlights from Our Small Business Seminar

On 1st December 2017, I had a 1-day small business seminar titled: Manage and Grow Your Small Business.

I was the main speaker and my guest speaker was Mr. Alfonso Chama, director at Legacy Brothers.

I discussed marketing and organizational strategy and he discussed investor readiness.

small business seminar small business seminar

Here, I am sharing 10 event highlights.

  1. Aim Higher

    Most of the small business owners don’t aim high enough, we just want to make enough money to look after our own families. We must aim to become local investors, not being merely struggling small business owners.

  2. Have a Clear Vision for Your Business

    Without a clear vision for your business, you will not be focused.

  3. Be Willing to Change and Grow

    Many small businesses don’t grow because the owner is unwilling to change the way they work. Having a small business doesn’t automatically mean that you have a business growth mindset

  4. The Team Makes the Dream Work

    Without building a team, your business will stay small

  5. Be Systematic

    Building a team must be done systematically, otherwise having people to supervise can be more of a problem than a solution

  6. You Can Build a Team on a Budget

    There is a systematic method to organize your business and build your team. Follow it and it will be easier. We discussed how to motivate workers and how to hire when you don’t have a lot of money.

  7. Process, process, process

    No business grows very big without systems or processes. You can start by creating minimum viable processes.

  8. Processes Free Up Your Time

    Having processes gives you more time to focus on things that will really make a high impact on your business by freeing up the time you would otherwise spend supervising your people.

  9. Investors Have Their Own Interests Too

    To be investor ready, you must remember that investors want to make money from their investment, therefore, don’t just look at your needs. We talked about pitching to investors and a few people were asked to do a pitch.

  10. No Sales and Marketing, No Growth

    Without a solid and aggressive marketing strategy, your small business won’t grow. We went through 10 key areas that make a good marketing strategy.


Did you manage to attend? That’s great, I hope you remember to apply the information. Didn’t manage to attend? The seminar was recorded and will be available on DVD soon. Let e know if you would like a copy.
Whatsapp:  + 260 961 022655


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