Step 1. Define your passion

Step 2.Identify a need or problem in the market that you can solve in line with your passion

Step 3. Define your target customer

Step 4. Approach and start with one customer.

Step 5. Get more customers through advertising and referrals.

Step 6. Educate yourself on how to run and grow a business and improve on your skills

Step 7. Learn about the mindset you will need to thrive

Step 8. Watch your company, make friends with people who are on a similar journey for inspiration, support, and encouragement

Step 9. Take action because knowledge without action is USELESS.

Step 10. Teach others. Your biggest growth will come from trying to help other people.

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Feedback from book sample.

Hi Susan,

I just finished reading the sample of your book and I Love it! It’s so relatable. And these past few days I have been scratching my head about what business I should do and what my passion really is. Thank you for that passage on finding your passion remembering your childhood etc. I will begin today thinking about my childhood and see what I can dig from there, I am currently unemployed, but I got some make up to sale while I get my head around what I really want to do. And there is also that fear factor about failing and May be are should just stick to working for other people (which I dont want). so that why i have to get your book.

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