4 Reasons You Could Be Struggling With Sales in Your Small Business

Is it possible to struggle with selling even when you know exactly how it should be done?

What can you do about it?

Without exception, selling is one of the most important activities you need to carry out in your small business. Some people find it easier than others because they have the strategies.

However, at times, the obstacles you might face regarding selling might have nothing to do with knowing or not knowing how to sell.

In this blog, I mention 4 factors that could make selling harder and what you can do about it.

Is Selling is Beneath You?

How can a graduate sell chickens? This is a question one graduate asked me and my husband in a mocking style.

It is true that some people feel that selling is beneath them based on their social status or education.

Can you picture yourself standing on the street selling something?

That’s a humbling job not everyone can do it. Some fear they can be mocked or they can be looked down upon.

Here is one piece of advice: in order for your status to raise, it must first drop.

Running a business will at one point or another call on you to do work that you might feel is beneath you. Keep your eyes on the big picture and realize anyone who laughs at you is simply short-sighted or small minded.

Focus on your big vision.

That kind of focus will keep you blazing forward despite these obstacles.


2. Fear of Rejection

Rejection hurts. Let’s not lie about that. Nobody wants to feel rejected.

But selling inevitably brings some amount of rejection because not everyone you show your offer will be willing to buy.

Reframe your perception: what does it mean when a customer says no?

With fear of rejection, you could be tempted to take it personally and feel like the person doesn’t like you or they are just being spiteful.

Well, is it possible that already have that or a similar product or service?

Could it be they are absent minded or distracted and you need to approach at a different time?

Is it possible that they don’t have full buying authority and they need to consult their partner might say no?

Perhaps they are broke but they won’t tell you?

Or maybe they are looking for something different?

When you keep an open mind about what the rejection could mean, it won’t feel so personal and becomes less of an obstacle.

3. Lack of belief in what you are selling

A friend of mine said she fails to sell because she feels she might be taking advantage of the person she is selling to. Do you sometimes feel this way?

Well, then the first person to sell to is yourself.

If you don’t believe in your product, your customer will be able to sense this and it will affect your sales efforts.

Be sold first: If you have ever tried network marketing, you might remember the advice to first use the products before trying to sell them.

I must admit, despite my reservations, that network marketing is good for learning how to sell. They make a great point with that advice.

Although it possible to sell something you dislike or do not believe in, it’s much easier when you do.

Understand and appreciate the merits of what you sell first.

4. A Bad Experience With Selling.

Have you ever been accosted by a very pesky salesperson? That experience could leave such a negative impression on you that you think:

“so this is what I have to do to sell?”

“This is how people will be looking at me?”

These kinds of thoughts will hold you back in your sales efforts.

I too hate selling: that’s true, I don’t like selling, yet here I am talking about selling. Here is something I do instead.

I help and I offer this help.

I realize not everyone needs my help and when they say no, I simply move on to the next person. How does your product help people?

Present your sales offer an offer to help.

If they say no, you say next.

That’s it, no need for begging or anything like that.

Are you able to relate to any of these?

In my book, 7 Steps to Better Sales Results, I have talked about not just selling strategies and techniques but the mind-set involved as well.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can also sign up for my free course, 10 Days to Better Sales Results in Your Business. This article is an expansion of lesson 9.

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