A Trap to Avoid – Making Easy Money

Making easy money or quick money?

With the power of the internet, it has indeed become possible to make quick money. But there is a difference between quick money as easy money.

You have heard about some hot new business or method of making money.

You don’t know anything about how it really works; all you know is that people are making money.

There is a small voice telling you to be careful but you desperately need more money so you ignore it and invest.

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”
There are three main ways to make money.

1. Sales and marketing.

You acquire or produce a product or service of value, deliver it to someone who then pays you. The product or service provides a solution to a problem, meets a need or offers some kind of convenience. That is the meaning of real value.

2. Real estate

This option is usually for those who don’t like the tradition selling of products and services. There are many different options including, building rental apartments, flipping properties etc

3. Financial investments

I find that most scams come under this category. The biggest problem is lack of sufficient information. How are you making the money? Who is making the profits you are sharing?

Understand what financial investment means – you are basically giving someone money so that they use it to make more money using one of the two methods above. You will then share the profits.

Picture a simple financial investment – savings in a bank.
You give the bank money. They lend it to someone who goes to make more money through sales and marketing or real estate. He/she then pays back with interest and the bank gives you some of that money as your share of the profit. This is, of-course an over-simplified example since the process is much more involving.

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