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Maybe you want to buy one of my books but you are not sure which one is right for you or if they are even worth reading. or maybe you are just curious about the contents of the books.a free sample of any of my books.

No problem! You can now download a free sample of any of my books.

My books are in 3 main categories.

SME growth(Sales and Marketing focused), Starting a Business and Personal Development.


SME Growth – Sales and Marketing


Book title: 7 Steps to Better Sales Results

Book overview: This book’s title is self-explanatory. I wrote it specifically for small business owners who want to get better sales results by creating end-to-end sales and marketing strategy. It is first on this list because I consider it to be the most important book I have written on small business.





Book title: beginner’s Guide: 6 Ways You Can Market Your Business in Zambia Using Facebook.

Book overview: with social media users numbers in millions, we have an opportunity to reach customers and potential customers through this media. how can you do that? This is purely for beginners. Those who have never used Facebook marketing or those who are just starting but don’t really know what to do.


Starting a Business

Book title: Start Where You Are: How To Start a Business When All You have is Your Passion and Limited Resources

Book overview: I wrote this book as a direct answer to the many questions I have received from my readers over the years with regards to starting a business. I talk about the issue of capital, quitting a job to start a business and how to create a business idea. I also share my journey of moving from employment to entrepreneurship and some of the obstacles I came across and how I overcame them.



Book title: Start Small, Think Big: Over  Business Ideas You Can Start With Limited Capital in Zambia

Book overview. This is a free ebook. I wrote it to answer the question: what business can I start? Well, here are some ideas to pick from.




Personal development

Boot title: Unshackled: Discover and Overcome Fear and Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Success

Book overview: Fear, personal limiting beliefs, and money limiting beliefs. Beyond knowledge, strategy, mental and physical ability, these are very important factors to success. I was surprised when I learned this. I had no idea such things even existed. Discovering and overcoming my own fear and limiting beliefs has been one of the most important steps towards working on my goals and achieving them.



Boot title: Set Goals and Crush it!

Book overview: New year resolutions normally cool off within a few weeks after being set. Why is it hard to stick to new goals? How do you set your goals and how do you ensure that you do actually work on them? This is what I explore in this book and I share my personal productivity strategies.







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