5 Principles of Side-Hustling

What is a side hustle? It’s a part-time way of making money through a business. The keyword here is part-time

This means you already have a JOB or another BUSINESS or occupation like being a STUDENT or a full time HOME MANAGER.
However, you feel that your current OCCUPATION is not giving you the level of money or level of satisfaction you are looking for.

Therefore, a side hustle is something you start in hopes of achieving either more income or greater satisfaction with your work or both.

Now here are those five principles.

1. Segregate Your Work And Give The Side Hustle Dedicated Time.

When exactly do you attend to your side hustle? I have heard of one lady in Zambia who is in full-time employment but uses her evenings to bake cakes and she is able to generate up to K8,000 per month doing just that.

She has dedicated evenings to it.
Without having a specific dedicated time to your hustle, attending to it becomes a matter of chance which is really not helpful at all. This leads to erratic and inconsistent results.

2. Beware Of Decision Fatigue

In my book on setting goals and being productive enough to achieve them titled Set Goals and Crush It! , I have talked about something that prevents us from being productive especially as the day goes by.

It’s about your willpower and decision fatigue.
Decision fatigue sets in as we go through our day because there is only so much willpower we have per day. The more decisions we make, the more we use up our willpower.

This is why it’s hard to keep your commitment of going to the gym after work or even working on your side hustle in the evening.
How tired are you after your work hours? If you are only dedicating your ‘tired’ hours to your side hustle, it might struggle. But another factor comes into play.

3. How Mentally-Intensive Is Your Side Hustle?

You have seen the story of the lady who bakes cakes after knocking off.
Personally, I can cook even when I am mentally tired but I CANNOT write or do designing when I am tired.

What’s the difference? One task demands high mental alertness, the other one doesn’t.

How mentally exerting is your side hustle? This is another factor you need to look into as it will help you choose the right time for it.

For example, if I was in a full-time job, trying to write a book, I would have to do it early in the morning before leaving for work rather than late at night.

If I tried doing it I the evening, I would struggle to get it done.

4. No, it’s not cool to steal time from your job

Someone is paying you for that time, unless your job is strictly performance based, dealing with your hustle during work hours is not cool.

Remember you will also be a boss one day, how will you like your employees using your man hours to work on their side hustle? Karma.

5. Time To Switch To The Hustle Full Time?

Sometimes the side hustle performs so well and you know it can do even better if you dedicate yourself full time to it.

Should you quit your job or close your other project or business to give more time to your well-performing hustle?
That decision is really up to you and what your plan B is. Do your worst case scenario analysis and decide.

I wish you all the best.

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Thanks for reading.

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