7 Reasons Why Messenger Marketing Is Currently The Hottest Trend In Digital Marketing

We love sending messages via text, WhatsApp and messenger to our friends and colleagues. Now, according to Jay Abraham’s strategy of pre-eminence, our clients and customers are also our friends. Why not communicate with them the way we do with our friends? Enter Facebook messenger marketing.

“I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. And no one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service that they interact with. We think you should be able to message a business, in the same way you would message a friend.” Mark Zuckerberg at F8 in 2016.

Facebook has become a very important customer support platform with some rather hilarious inquiries and complaints making the rounds and going viral on social media.

The point is, people, love the ability to instant-message instead of the snoozefest that phone call customer support can sometimes represent.

The interaction doesn’t require waiting. I can send a message now and move on to do other things, then check back later to see if there was a response.

With the popularity and commonplace use of chat platforms like whatsap and indeed messenger, using chat for customer care feels a lot more intuitive for people and certainly less irritating.

In this article I look at why messenger is becoming a popular marketing platform.

1. Numbers

As of September, 2017, messenger has 1.3billion users while Facebook has. Would you rather advertise on a platform with lots of users or few users?

2. Attention and popularity

The valuable and scarce commodity.

What makes Facebook a high value company? Is it because the users pay for it? No. Not with money anyway. We pay for Facebook with a very valuable commodity – our attention because where the attention goes, that’s where the marketing dollars go.


3. Artificial intelligence

Less manpower, more savings. In sales, we know that lead generation and lead nurturing can sometimes present the highest demand on our sales resources. But with messenger marketing combined with artificial intelligence, this becomes easier. You may have seen me saying to download a sample of this book, type this word. Click here for the first example.

To see the second example, Click Here

What happens after you follow the initial instruction is handled automatically. I have had over 500 downloads in a short time. Can you imagine if this was done manually? It would take up so much of my time.

4. The Open Rate is Amazing

If you have used email marketing before, you know how the statistic of 4% open rates is actually considered normal. Guess what the open rate is for the messenger app? Over 50% We are back to the issue of attention. Messenger has more attention than emails. Where would you rather advertise?If feels more personal

5. It Feels More Personal

Which message do you resonate with the most? The one you see on your news feed or the one in your messenger inbox? If you want to connect more with your customers, this is a great way t do it.

6. The heavy lifting is done for you…sort of.

Especially when you employ chatbots. It depends on what you call heavy lifting. For me, the heavy lifting is the coding. I don’t like to code, even though I can. But there is so much software that can be used. For others, it’s the content creation and bot construction that’s heavy lifting. Either way, it is much less work than it would be without tools provided.

7. Perfect Sales Lead Generation

Let’s say you sell insurance or some other savings or investment products and services.

Do your customers understand what your product is about? What kind of questions do they normally have about what you offer? Most people who have websites have a frequently asked question section or tab on their website. But do you know what would be a lot cooler? A chatbot that answers some of these same questions.

For more on messenger chatbots with example, see this article

As digital marketers, we have our ears to the ground on when we can starting abusing WhatsApp for marketing…just kidding…but there is a large juicy audience there. Would you like an evaluation of how messenger can be used in your business? Email me: susan@ziconmedia.com

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