Trying to Write a Book or Publish One?

I spoke to a gentleman yesterday(who is based in Zambia) who was asking for information to help him publish a book. I thought I should share my response to him in case someone else could find it helpful.

Good morning,

Following your request, here is information I can help you with.


My printer: South African book printer:

Other local people you can consult:

1. Peter Naloli Nawa, Butali House

2. Dario Chongolo, Dario Ulendo Chongolo

The two people above are both writers and publishers who do help writers(to the best of my knowledge).

I don’t have an independent publisher because I am using self-publishing method.

For marketing and selling your book, I am adding links to tow blogs I wrote previously on the subject of sales and marketing.

Here is the first one:

3 Keys to Selling Your Book or Product

Here is the second one:

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Not Buying

I hope this helps

Thank you for reading.

P.S, if you are just considering writing one, here is an article that might help:

I write about Small Business Sales and Marketing Strategies.

Susan Mwenda-Mulongoti.

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