How to Overcome Fear and Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever heard the saying that 80% of success is psychology?


Well, let me share one of the very many kinds of messages I get from people who read my books, blogs and courses: “I am already interested in…But as usual the fear of failing crept in.”

You can have the knowledge, skill and other resources required for you to start or grow your business and still find yourself procrastinating.

Why is it like that?
There are three main factors:

  • Fear
  • Personal limiting beliefs
  • Money limiting beliefs.

I have expanded on this topic in my book Unshackled which you can get through my online store.

However, I have created a FREE 10 part email course and if you would like to sample the content, you can sign up.

Course title: Success, Fear and Limiting Beliefs

This is what we will be exploring in this course. We will talk about fear and limiting beliefs and how these are related to success.Here is a brief breakdown:

Lesson 1: The Starting point
Every journey begins somewhere. Where does the journey to success begin?

Lesson 2: It May Not Even Be Your Fault
What if lack of success was not really your fault? What do you think could be the cause?

Lesson 3: Fear

Is fear a bad thing? Where does it come from? Why do we have it?

Lesson 4: Necessary and Unnecessary Fear
Not all fear is bad. What is the difference between necessary and unnecessary fear?

Lesson 5: Fear and Human Needs
What is the relationship between our needs and fear?

Lesson 6: Fear of Failure
Failing before you even begin is something that happens to so many people that Brian Tracy says it is the single biggest cause of failure. Why is it so?

Lesson 7: We love certainty
The ‘what if’:
What if it fail? what if they laugh at me. What if nobody buys my product? Why do we love asking this question and how is it related to success?

Lesson 8: ‘Ifyachisungu’
A term that seems fairly innocent and harmless. But is it? It means ‘for white people’. How did it come about and why did I include it in these lessons?

Lesson 9: Fear of Success
Is it possible to fear success? How could that happen?

Lesson 10: Not enough
Did you know that ‘not enough’ is one of the biggest limiting beliefs that people from all over the world suffer from?
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