How to Start a Business

Oh the beauty of business.


Feelings of price.


Or not.

The stress of business.




I have been through it all. It’s a rollercoaster. I have shared a great deal of that journey in my book, Start Where You Are, which can be found through my online store and on Amazon.

One that I love.

“Hi Susan,
I have this amount of money, what business do you think I should start?”

‘Hi Susan,
I don’t have capital to start a business, what can I do?’


These are among some of the questions I receive regularly and I have addressed in this free mini course. Here is the list of topics you can expect to go through.

Lesson 1: What Is The Best Business I Can Start?

Lesson 2: Trying to Make More Money?

Lesson 3: Money is Made Through Marketing

Lesson 4: Passion and Business

Lesson 5: Where Does Money Come From?

Lesson 6: Passion. Value. Commercial

Lesson 7: I Don’t Have Capital

Lesson 8: Rethinking Capital.

Lesson 9: Should You Start With A Loan?

Lesson 10: 80% of Success is Psychology


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