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I am a small business coach, author, and digital marketer.

I help small businesses improve their sales and marketing and larger organizations with their digital and content marketing.

What I Can Do for You

1. You already own a small business but you are struggling with sales.

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I also have a FREE course for you.

Title: 10 Days to Better Sales in Your Business

2. You are interested in starting your own small business but you are not sure how to proceed.

This blog might interest you: 10 Lies Keeping You From Starting Your Own Business

Here is a FREE course for you:

Title: How to Start a Business


3. There is a Goal You Are After But Fear Holds You Back

Here is a Free course for you: How to Overcome Fear and Limiting Beliefs




I have also written my own books.



I write on these topics:




-Sales and Marketing

-Internet marketing

-personal development

Internet Marketing
You own a business or organisation and would like to leverage the internet and social media to find more customers and/or grow your brand awareness

In that case, I can do content marketing or digital marketing for you.
I have done that for these organisations:



You require content for your online or offline journal.

Here are the publications I have written for.






Now my story.


Graduated 2008 from the University of Zambia.

Worked for 3 years at Konkola Cooper Mines then quit.
Ok, so I worked for a really short time before quitting. I had always planned to quit my job, but not as quickly as I did.

Hey, an opportunity presented itself and I went for it. When the opportunity came, I was working on an ICT project at Konkola Copper Mines. My role was programming. Computer stuff.

But I quit my job to start a business.

It’s been more than 6 years. It’s been a beautiful rollercoaster.

How did I end up coaching, writing and being an internet marketer?

Well, after my first business failed in 2012, I ran out of money and nobody would lend me to start my other wonderful business idea.

So I had to use what I had. What did I have? I had technical knowledge. I had also built a relatively large social media following.

Therefore, I used my programming and computer know-how and knowledge of social media marketing to start offering internet marketing.

I started writing in order to advertise my internet marketing.

See how that went?

Business failed.

I had to start over.

I used what I had to turn it into a business.

And now here we are.

No, it was not that smooth, there were, tears, sweat, frustration, personal problems but I would do it all over again.

Yes I love it that much.

Ok, enough about me.

Do you think I can help you?

Drop me a message.

Here are some cool pictures illustrating what I do. You don’t have to agree, they are cool to me, Ok?

Talking during an event about ways to make money.

Another presentation on the use of ICT in business.


Presentation in creating a sales and marketing strategy for a book.

Speaking during e regional marketing conference.

susan mwenda-mulongoti photo

Saving the best for last, I am a wife and mother.