3 Ways You Can Make Money

I once gave a talk on this topic, and then later decided to write a blog about it. After I posted the blog, it became one of my most popular blogs. This is why I have decided to add it to my top three blogs on this website.

How can you make money or generate income? There are so many ways, but here is the interesting thing: they can all be classified into just three different categories.

That’s what I will be talking about today. How can you get started?

It starts with a GOAL and a reason WHY

How much income do you want to generate and why? It is important to have a goal and to be clear about why you want something.

Goals give us that energy and zeal we need to keep ourselves motivated to do our work. The bigger the goal and reason behind it, the more motivated we will be to go out and do our work.

The best goals are those that extend beyond our lives. An example of such a goal would be ‘to help others through creation of stable jobs’. This is an excellent goal for someone who feels bad about the current state of unemployment and it will create motivation even when things are not going as planned.

Once you have your goal and the reason behind that goal of making money and having an amount in your mind about how much you would like to make, let’s look at the ways in which you can do that.

In my book, Set Goals and Crush It! I have gone into details about why it is important to be very clear about your goals. And also why it is important to be very clear about why you want to do something.


You want to make money; you want to increase your income? Why is it like that? Being very clear about your goals, makes you have a very well defined direction in your work and in your life, and it also adds to your happiness.

Because life is not just about making money, if you make money just for the sake of making money, you risk finding yourself having a lot of money but feeling empty inside. Because there was no purpose attached to your program of making money; you didn’t have a well-defined reason why you were doing that.

So now, let’s look at the three ways of making money.

The first one is marketing.

The second one is real estate.

The third one if financial investments.

Now let’s talk about marketing.

This method of making money just means that you are offering something and getting paid for it. If you are in a job, you are making money through marketing.

You are offering a service to a company and they are paying you for it. You are in the business of marketing your services.

If you own a business, you are in the business of marketing a product or a service.

So you can offer a product or you can offer a service.

For example, a person who loves beauty and fashion can market beauty and fashion products. A person who loves accounts can offer accounting packages.

You can offer a service. Using the example of beauty and fashion, a person who loves beauty and fashion can offer various beauty services such as hair do, makeup, facials etc. The accountant can offer the creation of financial statements as a service

You can offer information. This falls under the category of consultancy and education. It can be training through various audio or video programs, live seminars or even writing a book. It can even be a college that offers information in your area of expertise.

All these options are falling under the category of marketing something. You are marketing a product, you are marketing a service or you are marketing information.

  1. Real estate

Real estate is another investment option. Here are some options:

-You buy land and you build a house or houses for rent. During the initial time that I talked about this, during my talk, I was giving an example of my maid and how she did this using a low salary. Sometimes what hold us back from pursuing this options of real estate is that many people believe that it’s too expensive.

The whole point of giving that example of my maid, of how she bought a piece of land, and built a small house and put someone there to rent was to illustrate the fact that is real estate is possible even for someone who has low income. It’s all about the level at which you decide to do it.  If you keep an open mind, you can start with a very small amount.

-buy a plot, add value to it and resale without building anything on it. In case you love real estate but don’t have enough money to build, you can buy land and add value at low cost. What are two ways you can do this? Buy land without a title deed, get a title deed for it and immediately the value goes up. You can also buy a big piece of land, sub-divide it and sale the individual spaces.

-other options include a buying a building in poor shape and renovating it. And buying a house in foreclosure. Financial institutions from time to time sale houses that people used as collateral for loans but failed to repay. You can usually buy these at below market value.

-the final option that I would like to mention in real estate is using other people’s money. This is actually the most common method especially for big construction projects. You use other people’s money. You use collaborations, and partnerships with other institutions, individuals or banks.

  1. Financial investments

This is the third way of generating more money. What are the options?

-buy shares in publicly traded companies. If you are in a job, some companies allow employees to buy shares within that company for which they work. Whether you are in employment or not, the option of buying shares is open to anyone.

You just go to the public stock exchange, look for a stock broker and discuss your options with them.

There was a time I actually invested by buying shares in some of the publicly traded companies locally.

So speak to a stock broker and see what options you have.

-you can also buy or unit trusts (mutual funds). When I just started employment, I had shares and I also had unit trusts. Unit trusts are also like shares but instead of you being invested in particular companies, you assign someone to decide where they are going to place your money, which share they are going to buy for you. So that’s an example of a unit trust.

– shares in private companies. This can even be a friend’s business or just someone you know. But remember that if you invest in a friend’s business, it is very important to be clear about expectations and legalities because some people have ended up taking each other to court over such issues because of a weak legal structures around the involvement.

However, with a clear foundation, clear expectations and a clear legal structure, investing in a private company can actually turnout to be a very profitable thing to do.

-other money investments including bonds, treasury bills etc.


How can you become successful in your chosen method of generating income? Here are the three keys ways I have learned from my mentor:

  1. Get the knowledge.
    Whatever method of making money or generating income that you have chosen, you need to know that area. If you have chosen marketing, you must understand what goes into it. If you have chosen real estate, you need to know as much as you can about real estate. If you have chosen financial investments, you need to know all those things I talked about, stocks, shares, unit trusts, investing in companies… You must know if that is the method you are going after.Secondly, you must have general business knowledge. For those who are going into business, you must understand how it works. This includes, knowing sales and marketing, knowing finance and accounts, knowing human resources…etc
  2. The right business.
    The best business is one that goes with your natural talent, skill or passion and also makes sense in the marketplace. Just because you like something does not mean automatically mean that it has commercial value. And just because something has commercial value, does not mean that you will like it. It is important to strike a balance between these two. If you go for something that you like so much but it doesn’t have so much commercial value, you are going to struggle because not a lot of people are going to buy. On the other hand, if you go for something that has a lot of commercial value but you don’t like it, when things get tough, you are more likely to give up. So you need to strike a balance when it comes to choosing your method of generating income.
  3. The right you
    You, your mind-set and your action set. You can have the right business and the right knowledge but what you do and how you do, and how you do it is what will really determine your results. This is where the psychology of success comes in.In my book titled Unshackled, I have discussed why beliefs and mind-set are important to our success. What is the relationship between these two?

It is important to get your mind-set right. Because having the right knowledge and having the right business are not enough. Your mind-set must also be aligned.

In conclusion,

We have discussed the three main ways you can make money or generate income. The first one is marketing. You are marketing something, a product, a service or information.

The second one is real estate. We looked at the various options in which you can utilize this method of generating income.

Then we looked at financial investments and the options that come under that one.

Then I mentioned three factors for you to be successful. The first one is knowledge, whatever area of choosing money that you go for, you must have knowledge about that area.

The second factor that we looked at is choosing the right method of generating income. This is especially so if you choose the option of running your own business.

It is important that you choose something that balances between commercial value and your personal interests and passions.

The other factor for success that we looked at is you and your mind-set because having all the knowledge, having the right business is not enough.

Do you already have a goal that you would like to work on? Which of these methods of making money or generating income interests you? Which one are you currently pursuing and which one would you like to pursue further?

I am recommending to you my book, Set Goals and Crush It!

The reason why I am recommending it is that in it, I have goals, setting goals and how you can make sure that you achieve them.

The I have discussed the goal of doubling your income in the next 12 months.

Suppose you had a goal like that, what kind of things goes into that goal?

How can you break it down?

And how can you make sure that you really achieve it?

I have gone into details on how you can do that in that book. You can get the book through my website, or you can contact me directly.


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