I thought I should share my story and experience with 99jobs mentality.
There was a time I strongly believed in it.
In 2013-2014 I had my worst year with 99jobs. In the picture, I have a magazine I launched in that period.
But that was not the only thing I was doing. Here are the hustles I was involved in:
1. Networking marketing with angel lifestyle
2. Events(as a partner) with the baby and kids expo which we had in Lusaka and later in Kitwe at Copperhill mall
3. I launched the first Mwanawanga Family magazine hard copy, the one in the picture
4. Social media marketing
5. I was working on my project which worn a government grant
6. Website design for clients
7. Writing a weekly column in the post newspaper.
8. Trading in maternity and baby wear.
9. Participating in the family business of crane hiring (I attended the first Agritech Expo in Chisamba in 2014, our cranes were hired by Spintelligent of S.A to help with set-up)
Did I mention in addition to all this I was laying out plans for my farm?
Did I enjoy this work? Of course I did!
You see, the thing with 99jobs is that it just feels great. You feel like some sort of superman or wonder woman. Plus let’s not forget in addition to all this, I had home roles to play.
I worked so hard for so little.
Yes I enjoyed the work but I was stressed and not seeing the results of all the work.
Slowly, I started becoming miserable.
So I am not talking from without.
I am now focused. Many people approach me to join their business ventures. My answer is almost always automatically no.
Back then I would jump on any new exciting opportunity.
This year, I received two invitations to join boards of directors of companies. I turned them down without hesitation.
Ok, this one; it has surprised even myself.
I can’t believe I am the same person who would have been too happy to accept all these offers. In fact I would have been excited about it.
Not anymore.
If someone had asked me to focus back then, I would probably have told them to get lost…haha..
Ok, maybe not but I would have found reasons to justify each of my activities.
So I understand when people tell me 99jobs is necessary or that they would rather do a lot of things.
It’s ok.
When the time is right, you will know
Sometimes it’s necessary to go through that phase.
Being focused is hard work and sometimes boring. But I promise you the results are worth it.

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