In Other News, Love Doesn’t Pay The Bills


We have all heard the advice, that you should do what you love in your business.

Yes you should.

But I find that taking this advice too literally can be your undoing.

Let’s say that you love cooking.

Ok, so you start a cooking business. But if all you do is cook, then that business will quickly fail.

Running a business inevitably includes doing what we don’t like(even hate) because that’s just the way is it.

Maybe all you want is to be in the kitchen cooking but that kitchen won’t bring money, it is the customers that bring money.

Therefore, you have to deal with sales and marketing which includes customer service.

Maybe you do like selling but you hate paperwork. Well, you simply won’t know if you are profitable without handling the paperwork. And no investor is interested in dealing with a business that does not have its books in order.

You could miss out on opportunities.

I know that it’s possible to delegate this but there is something you can never delegate: your knowledge and supervision.

How do you manage and supervise something you don’t even understand?

It is in this sense that you would have to do things you don’t like such as accounting and selling in addition to what you love doing, namely cooking or whatever your primary work is.

If I had my way, all I would ever do is write and speak at events. I just love it so much. But there are books and paperwork, there is editing and finalising, sales and distribution.

Business is not all fun and games, so doing only what you love is a poor strategy. But the good news is that if you do make yourself do even the things you don’t like, soon, you can comfortably delegate and concentrate on what you love.

In some cases, you might have to ditch the business you love or part of it, for the one that actually brings in money.

Remember to be flexible and adaptable, because love doesn’t pay the bills.

Have a great weekend!

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