10 Lies Keeping You from Writing Your First Book


This is not about writing your book. It’s about setting and achieving whatever goal you have set for yourself.

Whenever we want to start something new, we give ourselves reasons to procrastinate. It might be writing your book or it might be something else. In this article, I am using writing of a book as an example.

We often give ourselves reasons not to start. For example:

  1. The time is not right.

Ok, when will the right time be? Never actually. The right time is now. Many people say I will start next year. When next year comes they will still be saying I will do this next year. Meanwhile, the clock never stops ticking.

  1. I don’t know what to write(I don’t have ideas).

You might be thinking you need to be an expert but actually all your life experiences can make up a book or more. Have you ever overcome any difficulty in your life? Well someone can learn from that. Do you know how to cook, bake, start a business, how to use home remedies, how to keep a small child happy? Do you know some traditional stories? Do you know traditions?

You can write about anything. Because whatever knowledge, skills and life experiences you have, someone will be able to benefit from reading about it.

  1. I don’t have enough time

OK, let’s create 1 hour  of free time from your day.

Here is the plan: reduce social media and internet use by 15minutes. Most people are already spending 2-3 hours on social media like Facebook, Twittter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and other websites.

Sleep 15inutes less than usual. I think the doctor will understand.

Cut T.V viewing by 15 minutes. Catching up with Donald Trump drama, watching telemundu or maybe soccer? 15 minutes. Just reduce that by 15minutes.

Reduce socializing by 15 minutes. It might be during tea break or lunch break. I don’t think anyone will ditch you for spending 15minutes less time with them.

There you go. Now you have one hour to spare every-day for your writing.

  1. I have written but I am still editing

This is the perfectionist trap. One famous writer said books are not written, they are re-written. Then another one said even after you 7th edit, your book will not be done. The point is there will always be some imperfection to tweak.

Here is something that comforted me. After reading a number of international best sellers, I noticed that they all had at least one or two grammatical errors.

Who am I to demand perfection? In fact these books are selling like hot cakes with the errors still there.

  1. I don’t know any publisher who can help me

Congratulations, you have discovered a special fact that has launched the multi-million dollar industry of self-publishing. I always laugh when someone asks who my publisher is. The era of waiting for some publisher to discover you is long gone. There are so many tools you can use to self-publish.

  1. I don’t have enough money for printing

Who exactly said you must print your book? There is digital publishing now. Don’t restrict yourself. You can also produce an audio version of your book. I am doing this with one of my books.

  1. Zambians have a poor reading culture

They do? But here you are reading this article. And who said you should only sell your book to Zambians? We live in a global village and the internet is quickly making geographical barriers irrelevant or less important in many businesses.

  1. Writing a book takes a long time.

Is one week a long time? How about 3 months. I have not yet written a book in one week although I do have a 15 page ebook I wrote in a few days. However, I took 3 months to write my first book. My second book took about 2 months. Does that sound too long?

  1. I don’t know how to market and sell books.

Here is the good news: you can learn. If you know how to read and write, remember you were not born with those skills. Selling is learnable skill and once you know how to sell, most of the other worries will fall aside.

  1. I won’t make enough money writing

Maybe you won’t. But so what? You will have fulfilled your dream. Here are two things I guarantee: One: You will not be the same. Writing a book changes you in ways I wish you would experience for yourself.

Secondly, that book will open doors for you that you previously didn’t even know could be opened. Go ahead and write your book.

The truth is whenever we hesitate to do something. We give surface reasons for not doing it.

The real reason is usually fear. For most people, there is a feeling of  ‘I am not good enough’ or “I am not smart enough.”

It can be fear of failure, maybe my book will be a flop, maybe people won’t like it or buy it.

To be honest, writing especially about your personal life experiences is quite scary. You are exposing yourself. Some people might criticise you, some might question you and not belief some of the things you actually experienced.

This is why for whatever goal you want to set and achieve, you must  have a compelling reason and a full purpose to do it otherwise there is always a reason why you can’t do it. Look out for my book called set goal and crush it where I talk about overcoming fear and achieving whatever goal you set for yourself.

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One thought on “10 Lies Keeping You from Writing Your First Book

  1. Mathews says:

    I feel greatly challenged by this blog. I’m guilty of excuse number 1. I feel greatly inspired by your online work. I have always wanted to write but I give myself excuses. Keep up the good work you are doing.

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