How to Choose What to Books to Read

According to Strive Masiyiwa, reading is the most important business skill. But how do you choose what to read? That’s what my latest blog is all about.

Its 5:30am as I write this. To me, this is the hour for reading, writing blogs and books and planning my day.

I often get asked what books I can recommend for someone to read. I understand this question; nobody wants to waste their precious reading the wrong book. Besides, there are millions of books out there, you can’t read everything.

So just how do you go about choosing what to read?

Well, it depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish:

Are you trying to be happier with your life?

To improve your relationships?

To improve your health?

To start a business?

To grow your business?

There really is a book on just about anything humanly possible.

I am currently reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and in my business reads, I am looking at the Innovator’s Dilemma.

Here is how I choose what to read: I look at my mentors. I also look at people who are doing what I would love to do.

I visit their websites. Almost all of them have written somewhere about which books impacted their lives positively. Those are the books I read.

For example, if a person like Tony Robins recommends a book, you know without a doubt it’s a great book. That’s how I discovered Jay Abraham’s work, it was a recommendation from Tony Robins and it has proved to be one of the best resources for my sales and marketing efforts and consulting.

It was also through such recommendations that I read the Autobiography of Steve Jobs.

Sometimes you can just search google. For example “the best books for weight training.”

 Read about 5 of the results pages. Some books will appear on more than one list. Those are the ones you start with.

In summary, decide what you would like the book to help you with. Search for the best books on that topic. When unsure, find out what your mentors recommend.

Here is the link to my recommended books.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose What to Books to Read

  1. Paul mshanga says:

    I find this article interesting, I have not been a fun if reading but your writing has made me think twice. I run a small business and I would like to grow big, so which book would You recommend for me?

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