The Strategy of Preeminence – How to Always Have Customers


Why do people buy from you? Why did the company employ you? Because they have a problem.

This is the case. ALWAYS. Whether you own a business or not, you have customers. Your boss is your customer, you are selling your services to them and they pay you monthly.

I am currently reading a book called ‘Getting Everything You Can Out of Everything You’ve Got’ by Jay Abraham. Today am sharing one point from it. He calls it the Strategy of Preeminence.

When you ask yourself what is the problem that has caused this customer to come to me, you will start to think of the best or additional ways to serve them. This will help grow your business or if you are employed, it could earn you more recognition or promotion.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent. People come to you. What problem are they trying to solve? They want a new place to move to. How can you be a total problem solver? Help them get a house, in an area they want, within their budget and within the period or even faster than they want. How do you go the extra mile? You ask yourself what else a moving person or family needs. They will need transport to shift, they might need a handyman or painter to renovate where they are going. They might need information about schools in the area they are moving to if they have small kids. Do you see how by thinking about the problem that made your customer come to you, you can expand your products, services and profits?  You don’t have to supply everything but can you have a handy list of reliable referrals? This will make you a very helpful and memorable person.

Think of the problem your customer has and be the problem solver. Why did your boss or company employ you?

Will you be that total problem solver? Or will you be that person who says that’s not part of my job.

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