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Dr Tasila Tembo Pitters

Great book Susan! I have enjoyed the Beginner’s guide for Facebook..I will use tips to enhance my Facebook page. It is a great resource that I will recommend to my team…


Such an awesome journey, thanks for your …. time, the experience has being so astounding, I got to build my business, increase sales, learnt… how to keep customers, how to advertise your products and business, how to use social media vices, etc, so much knowledge…. thank you, and now I even have a page and planning to register a business name.t….

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Back in the day, having a website and Facebook page was enough digital marketing. But those serious about growth know that it’s no longer enough. It’s crowded out there, your website is one of a billion, Facebook organic reach has dropped drastically. The space has become much more competitive. But the internet is still very powerful and it can help your business if used right.

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For those who want faster growth or application of the strategies, they hire me for a period not less than 90days to give them dedicated personal or business support so they learn faster and apply the information more effectively.

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I teach through speaking, writing of articles, blogs, e-books, books and production of audio and video material.
This option is perfect for those who want to educate themselves in order to apply the strategies to their current or future business or job.
I cover 3 main areas. Digital marketing, small business growth and personal growth.

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SME Growth

Beginner’s Guide

$7.99 $5.00

Personal Development


$12.00 $3.00